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In 2003, Chris and I were looking for solutions to some of our health issues. We both had allergies and were taking allergy shots and taking allergy medications. I had low blood sugar issues since being a teenager. Chris was also having heart rythm and fast heart rate issues. He was also having pain in the kidney area and could not lay on his back. We feared that his issues would only get worse if we did not do something immediately. We were never able to find a real solution (only alleviate the symptoms) to these problems until we met a Shaklee couple and talked to them about the Shaklee supplements. We learned about the quality and the science behind the Shaklee products and why they are so different from anything else out there. We decided that these were the supplements that we should start taking right away. Plus the Shaklee products come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so we had nothing to lose. Within a week we were already seeing major improvements and people were actually noticing the difference as well and asked what we were doing different. Shortly our issues were resolved and we continue to feel great and be in excellent health today. We also have not been on any medications since that time.

In January 2008, we learned that we were going to have our first child. Since I was already taking Vitalizer with Iron, I continued taking that because it is very well tolerated, the body absorbs it very well and was a great basis for nutritional support before, during and after pregnancy. I just added extra Omega Guard, B-complex and later I added some extra iron and Vital Mag. The pregnancy went by smoothly and our baby was progressing very well. Since I was over the age of 35, I was considered "High Risk" although everything was going great. The pregnancy went by very smoothly and I am happy to say that our daughter Samantha was born in October 2009 and was extremely healthy. We actually brought our Shaklee baby wash for them to wash her with in the hospital. We did not want any toxic chemicals in or on her at all. She has been happy, bright and alert from the time she was born and continues to be so today.

We feel very fortunate for us both to be at home with our daughter and that our whole family can stay healthy thanks to Shaklee. Chris and I are also now expecting a baby boy in November and are excited to have another addition to our family.

First Birthday

Left Photo: Samantha on her 1 Year Birthday.